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It’s always a battle, writing -v- needing money to pay the bills…

Writing wins every time, it runs through my veins. If you appreciate my work and would like to offer gratitude please do so, by leaving a ‘like’ or a comment.

No financial donations accepted for myself, however I am wishing to help raise money for an orphanage in Siem Reap, Cambodia who desperately need to buy land to build a permanent home for the children, due to the ever increasing rent costs of the property where they currently reside.Be a sponsor from as little as $25 USD £17.58 to purchase a squared metre of the land.  The land size totals approximately 1,050 sq/m.
Sponsors names will be registered in an HONOR BOOK prepared by the kids at CIO.

The Children’s Improvement Organisation (Read more)

Unfortunately in Cambodia many orphanages and charities can be corrupt, unethical and even encourage trafficking / selling children.  This NGO has been featured in Huffington Post so you can be sure you are donating to a very good cause and that your money is going directly to it. Read the article.

Children’s Improvement Orphanage (CIO) is a non profit/non government organization that was created to save the lives of homeless and severely underprivileged children in Cambodia.

CIO provides around the clock care for children who are unable to be cared for by their families. Some of the parents of the children are still alive, however they have become ‘orphans’ because of a range of factors, including poverty.

The Director of CIO, Sitha Toeung and Sreymom are responsible for the day to day care of the children, many of whom have been in their care since 2009. All children attend local Khmer schools, as well as receiving English classes from their teacher, Sreyvi, who live onsite with the children.

CIO is like a big family, and the children receive healthy meals, clothing, medical and educational support. Sitha and Sreymom also provide the children with the opportunity to develop skills which will assist them in gaining employment and/or attend university as they become adults.

Of course none of this would happen without the generous support of donors, all of which are welcome to attend the premises and witness where their donations are assisting/supporting the needs of the children (within strict Child Protection guidelines).

To sponsor CIO for purchase of the land please visit Go Fund Me/cambodiankids

More can be read about the work of Cambodia Kids here


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