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donate If you would like us to cover a story, write about an issue or review products please contact us.

  • Music
  • Festivals
  • Family Festivals
  • Gigs
  • Art & craft materials
  • Dog stuff (well puppy stuff actually at the minute for my little Coco)
  • Cat Food and the like (best not forget about Lily Twinkle and Tallulah Sparkles!)
  • Clothes (Ok so I just thought I would throw this in there… never know 😉 Take a look at things I love for an idea of my style (The universe loves a trier)
  • As I am the sole housekeeper (as well as mum, student, self employed and employed worker) I am also happy to review any household products which claim to make my life easier and same me precious time to do more fun things in my life!

Blogizing are happy to review your products and blog/Tweet about them.

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