Victoria Emmerson Bracelet….Verdict

These bracelets are described as handmade from leather with crystal beads.  They are wrap around bracelets with three different fastenings and a ‘button’ fastening.


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I had ordered a Vicky Emmerson bracelet as they were in the sale.  I loved the boho style and so I chose the Brownstone crystal bracelet which had been reduced to £21 from £125. Here’s my verdict:

Upon initial receipt of the bracelet I was thrilled.  The delivery was very quick, within two days of ordering and I was happy that the bracelet had arrived before Christmas so that I could wear for any Christmas parties.

The picture on the website was a true representation of the product. However, upon closer inspection of the bracelet I realised that the leather appeared to either have a plastic coating, is poor quality leather or is actually a type of plastic. This poses a problem as the knotted fastenings  began to loosen as I wore the bracelet.  I also noted that the ‘button’ to fasten the bracelet feels quite poor quality and would give an instant feeling of luxury were it to be made of silver.  Let’s be honest here, if you were to pay £125 for a bracelet you would expect the item to be of better quality than some dress jewellery you can purchase from the High Street. Also some of the beads had started to crack and break, despite me taking care of the bracelet whilst wearing it. The price of £21 is more realistic and a true representation of what price these bracelets should be.  I would have been one extremely disappointed and upset customer should I have paid the full price, as I do not believe the product is worth over £100.  Finally it is worth a mention that the velvet bag sent with the bracelet is rather poor quality with the name ‘Victoria Emmerson’ simply printed on the bag.


If you like the look of the bracelets and are seriously considering purchasing one I would say go for it, but purchase one of the sale priced items as in my opinion I cannot see the value of the fully priced item. Sorry VE!


Blue Tuesday!

I thought I had escaped ‘Blue Monday’….well technically I did, but I have ended up with ‘Blue Tuesday’ instead!

Blue Monday is apparently the most depressing day of the year as it is the first day back at work since Christmas break.  I guess then this ties in with my ‘blue’ day being a day later as this is my first day back….

I am trying to stay positive and know that this feeling will pass.  It is difficult when you have been given quality time to spend with your children, family and friends to then have to go back to the day to day routine.  It always emphasizes to me that us humans are not made for this 9-5 (if you’re lucky) rat race. I hope one day to be able to pursue my passion as a freelance writer so that I am no longer held to ransom by the big fat rats and I can stand on my own two feet in this increasingly demanding and stressful environment which is our world.

My promise to myself in the meantime is to not let ‘life’ get me down, and to stay positive and grateful for the life that I have. This outlook is the one that keeps me sane…. 🙂




Gratitude brings happiness


I saw the ‘boy’ again on Friday and I have to say I really like him.  We ended up hand in hand dancing together all night.  We kissed again and this time it was really, really nice.  Every time I spend more time with him I like him more and more.  I think the next time I see him will be boxing day at a party we are going to and I have to say I am counting down the days….. I never thought that this man would affect me the way he has.  I am sure people would have never put us together and I myself could have ever anticipated how he makes me feel.

We are planning on being at the same party on NYE and I think I am going to have a great Christmas and New Year this year.  Striking a great balance of time with my children and family and also my second family….my friends!

Life could not be better for me at the moment and things are looking up after what has been a difficult couple of years following my divorce, death of grandparent, two serious accidents to family members and my child being involved in a serious accident.  Luckily, he is on the mend and things are slowly getting back to normal.  No matter however hard life gets, you have to keep on going because there is always something great waiting around the corner! Always be thankful for what you have, I believe gratitude is the key to happiness.




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Homely Harvey Nics

As you know I cannot help but write about some of the things I love.  Harvey Nichols is not a place that I shop at often.  Mainly because most things are out of my price range at the moment.  However, I was browsing some of their kitchen ware the other day and came across some fabulous place mats.  I am one of those people where whenever I decide to buy something for my home, I really like to find something a little different.  I do not like to live a carbon copy life or live in one either. Individuality really inspires me.  These place mats may not be totally individual as there are obviously mass produced to some extent, however none of my family or friends have them.  So that is good enough for me!

Check them out!


eating pasta camper women men



Tallulah Tree Monster

tree monster   one leg

No one warned me that when I got two kittens that Christmas potentially would never be the same!  Since putting up the Christmas tree Tallulah Sparkles has done nothing but climb up the middle, batting out the baubles from behind so she can play football around the living room and kitchen floor.  Additionally, poor caramel santa (whom can be seen in this picture) has lost a leg!  Unfortunately he will remain a casualty forever more as not only did Tallulah rip poor santa’s leg off but also appears to have eaten it as there is no trace of it at all.  I will be genuinely surprised if there is anything left of what was our beautiful tree by Christmas day!

Luckily, Lily Twinkle is not quite as sadistic as Tallulah and is happy chilling out with Father Christmas and his helper 🙂

 lily christmas lily


Bracelet Boho Chic


I absolutely love these bracelets, and what is even so fabulous about them is the Christmas sale they currently have on, with a selection of bracelets available for just £21, a great saving from the original price of around £120!!! Beautiful handmade leather bracelets with stones and gems.  Perfect with any outfit and cant wait to wear mine in the festival season!!!




Hunky Santa’s…..depends who you are asking

I had to write a post on this, because I have never cringed, but laughed so much at any one time.  I do not find these men attractive at all, and bearing in mind it is an advert for ‘enhancing’ underwear I would be pretty mortified if a fella I was dating stripped down and revealed a pair of pants like them 😉

However, who has come up with this advert for Andrew Christian, have done their job nicely but it is not only causing a bit of a stir, but it is also a great source of entertainment and not something you will remember straight away. So even if you do not find them attractive at least give it a watch so you can have a good laugh (If you dare).  It does do one thing, it hurries along the Christmas spirit!!!



A sneaky kind of love

images (2)

God… have to wonder sometimes where feelings come from don’t you! There is this man that I’ve known for a little over six months.  When I first met him I did not really fancy him, though I enjoyed spending time with him.  However I (unintentionally) upset him when I met another man on one of our group nights out.  I guess I did n’t realise how much he liked me and I really thought the relationship was purely platonic. We did nt speak much for a while but have been on speaking terms again recently.  Saturday night we went to all went to a club and this time things felt different.  While we were talking there were a few things which he said that made me realise what a nice guy he actually is, and I kind of find him cute.  There is something really sincere about him and I really like that.  He looked after me in the club and after there we moved on to a party.

It was nice to spend more time with him.  It was getting late and I needed to go home, mainly because I do not like my neighbours seeing me come in after sunrise! I ordered a taxi and the boy came with me.  I’d explained I was not going to sleep with him but I was happy to chill with him for a while.  We left and as we approached my house the sun was actually beginning to rise.  It was a beautiful morning, the clouds a glowing orange from the rising sun.  Sat next to this man, hand in hand in the taxi, my head rested on his shoulder I could not have felt more content.


When we got in we put on the TV and cuddled and snoozed until mid afternoon.  After he had gone home I missed him.  I could nt tell whether this was because of the hangover or lack of sleep or whether it was true feelings.  Today I have missed him even more! I do not know what has happened to me, I am not usually like this and with fellas I tend to run a mile!  It is so strange that feelings can just come from practically nowhere.  I am not sure whether anything more will happen with this man or not.  I hope so, but I guess you never know how things are going to turn out so I do not want to get my hopes up.  I am a great believer that if things are meant to happen then they will, so no point in worrying about it.  In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy being myself doing the things I do and wait for the universe to sort things out for me 🙂



Christmas is a time for giving not just receiving

Christmas is a time for giving not just receiving

Normally at this time of year I take part in the Shoe Box Appeal. this year I have decided to take part in something local to me (similar project going on around UK). The idea is simple. You find yourself a rucksack does nt have to be new, and fill it with necessities for the homeless such as sleeping bag/blanket, hat, scarf, tins of food, spoon etc. List can be seen on the attached photograph. You can take part in the distribution or drop it off at one of the designated drop off points and volunteers will do it for you. What better way of knowing you have made a difference this year!! So come on people what are you waiting for…..GET INVOLVED!!!