Social Blogger’s Humble Abode


Welcome to my humble abode…..

… you will find things written by me, the Social Blogger: stories and reviews, covering anything and everything, but mainly the trials and tribulations of my divorce and life thereafter, words of encouragement (if I was qualified I would consider life coaching), reviews of anything and everything and stories of my rugrats, a 15-year-old who does nothing apart from grunt and (without success) tries to separate himself from his beloved gaming console.  A 7-year-old ‘tom-boy’ who loves nothing more than to climb trees, ride around on her scooter and frequent a climbing wall.  She also cries at the drop of a hat! A 5-year-old self-professed princess, who when is nice is very, very nice but when she is bad she is bloody awful.  She steals my make-up and expensive perfume, dresses up in princess dresses on a daily basis and for Christmas this year wanted nothing more than a sparkly silver pair of high-heeled shoes.   In addition we house two cats, Tallulah Sparkles (who is currently taking a sabbatical, yes that’s right I have absolutely no idea where she is!!) and Lily  (who is currently spending her days searching and crying for her sister.  Our latest addition to the house is Coco, a chocolate-brown cockapoo bitch who I reckon is going to be the apple of my eye. Despite the fact she is likely to chew everything in site and leave me a pile of crap on the kitchen floor every single morning!


Social (A person who uses every way possible to communicate with as many people or groups as possible. Often using technology to do so via text messages, mass email, blogs, vlogs, Roxer websites, and especially social networks like facebook, myspace, twitter, and more.  Olivia: Hey, did you catch all my tweets today?  Ariston: Yeah, but I didn’t read them all. Had to work. I can only be a social on weekends.) Blogger (A rancid ass cheese who fantasizes that someone will read his/her pathetic shit. Who gives a fuck what they think about anything? They’re geeks who jack off with visions of the geometry teacher dancing in their pointy little heads.)

Thanks for the clarification



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4 thoughts on “Social Blogger’s Humble Abode

  1. Wow your blog is young but it’s obvious that you know exactly what to do and how to go about it, it’s very professional, well laid out and has interesting topics! Glad you stopped by my blog so that I had a chance to see yours, inspiring! 😀


    • Thank you so much, I am just in the process of giving it a bit of a tidy up. Thank you, your blog is fab, obviously more developed than mine but I will enjoy reading your posts in the future. Lovely to come across you, keep up the great work


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