Finding the Gipsy in you….


The thing I like the most about the products from is that they are all hand made made from leather.  The range includes boots – from ankle to over the knee thigh boots and short leather skirts.  Everything about this range reminds me of nature and earth, they are so natural and there is nothing fake about these products at all.  So what is the cost?  You would expect it to be expensive right?  Bearing in mind they are made from the finest soft leather, and all hand made.  Well you may be surprised to note that the costs start at just £80.00 for a pair of flip flops which have recently been added to the site, with the most expensive product, a pair of over the knee thigh boots (very sexy indeed!) currently costing around £260.00.  Not bad if you ask me!!! So if you are lucky enough to have the pennies already saved treat yourself.  Or, if you are like me, get saving…..I am wishing for a pair of these just in time for the festival season:

brown gipsy dharma

Gipsy Dharma also run weekly competitions to win a pair of their fabulous boots!/GiPsy.Dharma.Unique.Clothing?fref=ts

You can view their full catalog here:





Reconnecting with Creativity….good for the soul

Recently I’ve got an almighty urge to get creative.  I am not sure quite where it has come from and just have to run with it whenever I get any inspiration.  It’s such a great feeling when I get that urge and I think of nothing else until the piece is completed.

It is strange as I have also just started writing again, it is as if my creative side has been woken up after lying dormant for over ten years!  Lets hope it continues and I continue to improve 🙂 One thing I have realised is, it is good for the soul.  It is like a form of meditation and I really love being in the ‘arty’ zone as I think of nothing else at the time.

1529915_10152505798619112_1994782886_o A pastels picture I completed today


A large canvas I created using a collage method and glitter.  I have this above my bed and absolutely love it.  I love the symbol of a peacock-immortality and resurrection. Which is quite apt as this was my first art-y piece which resurrected my creative side!

Get creative, one thing I have realized is not everyone may appreciate your art but art is subjective and what one person dislikes another will love therefore do not be afraid to experiment and just go with the flow.


End of clubs as we know them?

Its not too often that I will ‘cut and paste’ another bloggers post into my own, but I must admit when I read this I have nt agreed with someones comments so much for a long time. Just like the pub trade, the club trade is in danger of dying.  I am lucky to belong to a  social circle which includes underground dj’s which hold their own nights.  The cost of the nights are reasonably priced, alcohol is cheap at around £2/£2.50 and the music is always great.  The venues are carefully selected usually just outside of the city, ensuring we don’t get trouble makers coming in off the street.  It’s no surprise that the organisers are also responsible for holding free parties in the area.  It’s these people that know how to keep the spirit alive. You can turn up, dressed in whatever you like, dance however you like and do whatever you like, as long as you want to party and have a good heart.  Not like majority of city mainstream clubs where if your face does nt fit then you are not getting in.  Not that I would be bothered, as usually these are the clubs where the bouncers are like something off Judge Dredd which causes the ultimate ‘on edge’ atmosphere and you cant get into the toilets because they are full of people checking themselves in the mirrors.



Nice to meet you

magical me

It’s taken two years for me to reach a point where I am happy with myself.  I found it difficult after my divorce and consoled myself with nights out drinking a ship load of alcohol and having sex with whoever I wanted.  I found it was a way for me to control a part of my life and it made me feel wanted and desired, something my husband had never been able to do.  Well for a time this worked.  Every Sunday morning I’d have calls from my girlfriends wanting to know the details from the night before.  Most of them now settled with young families, openly telling me their lives were boring and it was the only excitement they got.  For a time I basked in the attention until one day I realised I was not getting the satisfaction I once was and I had become tired of being the weekly entertainment.

And so, I began to piece my life back together in a more stable way.  As I see myself over the worst and definitely towards the end of the recovery process concentrate on myself preparing for the day that I will meet the one guy that turns my head and takes me off the market.  Follow my stories of the hurdles I’ve jumped and the issues I am forced to deal with.  I invite you to laugh and cry along with me (depending on my mood and yours) as we ride the divorcee rollercoaster!

A bit about me……Down to Earth Northerner, 33 years young, divorced for 2 years, separated for 3 and still dealing with a difficult ex. LOVES: My children, our  two cats Lily & Tallulah, family & friends, dancing, socialising, randomness and adventure, story telling, Psychology. DISLIKES: Rude people, pretentious behaviour, freedom stealers, my ex, pessimists, bad food

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True Love

True Love

If there is one thing I have learned over the last couple of years, it is this: When it comes to pure love there are no conditions. Unconditional love is hard to come by but this is the only love which is real. This is the love that brings happiness and you can only achieve this love if you truly love yourself. When you unconditionally love yourself you do not put conditions on yourself or others.