Daily Prompt: Never gonna give you up……Food

I consider myself to be a patient person, however there is one thing that I cannot abide and that is someone messing with my food.  This can be in a number of ways:

1. Attempting to steal something off my plate by slyly sliding their fork over when I am not looking (or worse still using their filthy god damn fingers) Keep your dirty mitts off!

2.  Trying to take over in the kitchen when I am cooking.  Either I am the cook making the food or you bloody well do it.  Consider this: Two many cooks spoil the broth 😉

3.  When I order takeaway, I order what I want to eat.  This is not so that you can share mine (whether you like yours or not). IT IS MY FOOD! If you wanted what I ordered, you should have ordered that too!

End of rant.  AAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!! I feel so much better now 🙂

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Life is like a box of chocolates….

Forest Gump

I am sure we are all familiar with the film Forrest Gump staring Tom Hanks. (If you are not, then you can read about it here and its a film I recommend everyone watches at least once in their life time http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109830/ ) or watch the trailor….

The film is famous for one quote in particular:

forest gump

“My momma always said life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Forrest Gump

I love this quote and think this is how life should be lived.  Making a decision on which chocolate you want next – you may not always enjoy it, but you can always move onto another! Life is the same we make decisions every day.  Sometimes these decisions can turn out to be a bad choice but you can change it.  Life is what you make it, and it is not always necessary to have the menu  in front of you.  Sometimes it is OK for you to throw that chocolate menu in the bin, throw caution to the wind and just pick one of the chocolates out of the box by chance.  You never know you may just like what you choose!

Just like life, it is not always necessary to know where you are going in life, you just need to take the first step!


So go on I dare you…..throw away those instructions and see where life takes you….or you could start with the box of chocolates 🙂

Do not listen to these guys (they do not look very happy)…..B

grumpy cat chocolate dog chocolates grump cat