March: Blogizing’s Favourite Site – Ocean of Compassion

I have decided to choose a different blogging site each month to showcase on Blogizing.  The reason I have decided to do this is because they are so amazing in their own right, but for some they go unnoticed.  This particular site has come to me at just the right time.  I am in need of some guidance as I feel at the moment I am in a period of my life when everything is being broken down and stripped away.  I am a believer that this has to happen in order to let in the new and make way for better things, as well as giving you the time for personal and spiritual growth.

Imagine my surprise when I came across a site (with thanks to the author who has on occasions commented upon my own blog) and this site includes some free e-books.  One of them being Transforming Suffering into the Ultimate Healing.  Wow I thought, this is no coincidence that I have ended up here.

Gede Prama offers this site with its treasure of spiritual wisdom and encouragement.  I would urge anyone to take a look as I believe there is something here for everyone:  Ocean of Compassion


My favourite post by Gede is ‘Transforming Anger into Flower’, it makes absolute sense to me and it is lovely to be able to get clarification sometimes in life!

Enjoy my friends.

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Lingerie: Is it important to make an effort for your first sexual encounter?

She was nervous, this was the first time they were going to be together in this way and she was filled with anticipation.  She was excited for how today may turn out, but also worried, what if it was not any good.  They had been dating each other for five weeks and spent quite a lot of time getting to know each other.  This time it felt different from the other men she had met before.  She knew he liked her and found her hot, as he told her all the time.  But he never tried to force sex on her.  She wanted to make sure that the first time was special.  They had decided on having their first encounter in a hotel room as they did not want to be disturbed.   He had arranged the hotel and she was shocked.  She could not believe the one he had chosen, it was not your standard hotel.  A classy 5 star in the city centre.  Marble floors, huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, glass cabinets from floor to ceiling displaying expensive bottles of champagne.  As she walked into the foyer, there was the largest arrangement of tropical flowers in a huge black vase that she had ever seen.  Not a spot of dust anywhere.  She looked over to the right and saw a large group of men standing around.  She recognised one of the men, and realised it was the captain of the England football team.  On a normal day she would have been impressed, however today all she could think about was her gorgeous man.  Whilst she was in deep thought she felt someone touch her arm.  She looked left and saw him standing there, smiling at her, eyes twinkling in the light.  Every time she looked at him he took her breath away.  She had never fancied a man so much.  Of course she had experienced lust on every level, but usually after getting to know a man a little bit more the lust had slowly disappeared as they had turned out to not be as nice as she had expected.  However, this one was different.  He had always shown her every inch of respect she deserved.  It made a refreshing change.

He asked her if she would like to have dinner.  She smiled, looked down towards the marble floor and back up to his gorgeous brown eyes, slowly shook her head from side to side.  She put her hand gently behind the back of his head and slowly pulled his head towards hers.  She whispered into his ear “Let’s go to bed.” He did not need telling twice.


It was her first time with her special man and she wanted him to remember it for the right reasons.  She searched high and low for the perfect lingerie and finally settled on a red number, something a little different to what she would normally go for, but she wanted him to remember the moment forever.

tin_tin_front tin_tin  It was well worth the £29.99!

E-Lady is an online store offering lingerie, outfits, beachwear and sex toys, all at reasonable prices.  Check it out, give your partner something to remember! 😉

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I never knew he was missing from my life until I found him

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I never knew he was missing from my life, until I found him

Our eyes met across the dance floor, I smiled at him and shyly looked away.  I looked back and he was smiling at me again.  I could feel the excitement building in my body. He moved nearer  to where I was and began to dance next to me.  I could feel the tension, the anticipation of what could be.  Whilst he danced his hand brushed past mine, sending an electric shock down my arm. My heart jumped, my stomach lurched, my body tingled.  I glanced sideways and again was met with a gaze from his beautiful eyes.  To me he was picture perfect, and had an air of shyness about him which made him more attractive.  As I looked at him and I smiled again, without saying a word, he leaned towards me.  He softly took a hold of my hand.  He lightly brushed my lips with his, he pulled away and we stared into each others eyes.  He moved towards me again for another kiss, this time more intense and urgent.  I closed my eyes and it was as if time stood still, I did not care who saw us, nor did it matter. I had found him. My twin flame.



Alternative Proposal: Review


Are you planning on proposing some time this year but not sure how to do it?  Are you looking for something different other than he standard get down on one knee? Are you unsure if they will say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and for this reason would like to put off buying the ring until you are sure? (OK, so this last question is not ideal, but lets be honest it happens…..)

Whilst browsing the internet this morning I found this charming necklace, It can be personalised with any message you wish.  However, I thought it was perfect with the message ‘Marry Me.’  How cute, and what a great keepsake (if they said yes, of course!). There is a mini version (which is the one shown above) at a cost of £49, with the standard size costing £68-£80 depending upon whether you choose the gold or silver option.

We would be more than happy to be proposed in this way.  Gone are the days of ‘down on one knee’ holding an Elizabeth Duke velveteen ring box.  You need to stand out from the crowd and make a proposal that your chosen lady will remember for time.  However you decide to do it, this would be a great addition.


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How do I know if I have found my twin flame?



What is a twin flame? My understanding is that a twin flame is the other part of your soul. In the beginning there was a masculine and feminine part to your soul (just like ying and yang-remember in life there must be balance) Through some incident or occurrence your soul split, in effect making a mirror of your self.  Your soul constantly searches for the other part, so that it can become whole again.  Many people will not realise this, and many will never meet their twin flame.  Some will meet, but may not ever truly understand.  Some people may feel the constant ‘longing’ or ‘searching’ or even ‘that there is something more to life than this’. They may never understand what that feeling was.

How do you know if you have met your twin flame? Most people will never meet their twin flame.  Mainly because it is unusual for both twin flames to be present on Earth at the same time.  therefore, generally when one is on Earth the other is in spirit.  However, it has become increasingly more common for both to be present and you only have to search on internet sites to hear of the numerous stories of twin flames reuniting.  Some signs of meeting your twin flame/twin soul:

  • A complete feeling of ONENESS
  • A deep passion for the other, when you are together there is no one else.
  • A total trust and acceptance of the other.  You do not want to change them and there is no feelings of jealousy or resentment.
  • A feeling of completeness that never dies, even when you are not together.
  • Love at first sight, like you have never experienced before. Not just a ‘wow they are beautiful/gorgeous/stunning’, it is a feeling of ‘Oh my, I actually love this person with all my heart.’
  • You look similar in appearance-(This is very common,so bears mentioning) though it may not always be the case, but there may be lots of similarities
  • Have very similar tastes, in most cases exactly the same, in most things.
  • Your true self shines through, you are completely yourself with this other person and all your worries disappear
  • You will know yourself better and you will accept yourself for who you are.  You will have been on a personal journey before you have met your twin soul, likely a journey of self discovery.
  • Your body/mind is strengthened.  You are also likely to share the same interests or passions, and understandings of life.  Your morals and believes are likely to be in line with each other, or you are in the very least willing to accept and take on board the others.
  • Your Chakras’ activate fully.  This can be overwhelming.  You can be very emotional, become angry, overly passionate, become more intuitive etc.  Do not be too hard on yourself, accept what is going on, and trust it is for the best.
  • Unbreakable bonds, even when you are not together. aalthough this does not mean that you will always be together.
  • LOVE does not come close to what you experience.  Though it is love what you feel, it is on a whole new level.  But note, it is not obsessive or compulsive.

You will feel from the first time you met that you already know each other.  There is no denying this, from the day you meet you are as one.  There is no awkwardness.  You will just know.

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11:11/111/1111 What does this mean?

I have just reached my 111st  post, which just reminded about something I have been wanted to write about, but not quite got around to it.  So here it is: The 111/1111 phenomenon.

For about the past six years I have been noticing 11:11, or 1’s in repetition. In addition to 12:12, 11:22, 22:11, 21:21 etc etc you get the picture right…..

I saw them everywhere.  Clocks mainly, but also on receipts, numbers on lamp posts, in phone numbers on word vans etc, practically anywhere.  I have also began to start seeing 444’s.  I am yet to look in to this properly.

Back to the 1’s.  There are many different theories to this.  However, I do not think it is a coincidence that in my early 20’s something in me sparked a great interest in angels. Over the next couple of years I found out everything I could about them.  I joined online tutorials with an angel communicator in England and found out as much as I could about an author called Doreen Virtue who communicates with angels.  She also has her own range of angel cards, amongst other things.  It was these angel cards however that drew me to her, and indeed angels actually.  My grandmother had died approximately 4 months previously, her name was Doreen and I saw the cards in a cabinet in a waiting room whilst I was going in to see a clairvoyant. Another coincidence?  There I purchased my first set of angel cards, not really knowing what to do with them.  Over the course of the next couple of years I purchased another couple of desks and used them regularly for readings.  They did offer me guidance and always seemed to be very accurate.

As lifes struggles and strains began to increase, i.e. my impending divorce, I did not have as much time to research and read about angels and I almost ‘forgot’ about them.  Not actually forgot, but I just did not have the head space.  It was around this time that I began to see the 11:11 or 1’s.  It was as if it was a message from the angels gently reminding me that they were still there.  I began to use the cards again for readings.  They were a great help in my hour of need.

Since my discovery of angel cards and the sight of the 1’s my life took a whole new turn, and at times I had began to wonder what I had done so wrong to deserve some of the things which were going on.  Even after 4 years of struggle I am still not quite where I want to be.  However, it is almost as if my life has had one bit clear out.  Many of my friends often say they wonder how I am still sane with everything which has gone on.  Amazingly most of the time I feel calm.  I occasionally have moments of a temporary melt down, generally only lasting seconds as something usually happens to remind me things will be ok.  Do not ask me how I know things will be ok, no one is necessarily telling me this, I just feel it.  Take for example the other day.  I was particularly feeling low in mood.  Some things had to come to light which meant I was having to make a difficult decision.  I felt extremely fed up and did not even want to go to work that day, despite me really enjoying my job.  I was emotional and began to cry, rather uncontrollably.  Until that was, as I was driving a big white feather just floated down from the sky.  Immediately I stopped and smiled. I knew it was a sign that I was doing the right thing and everything was ok.  I am on another journey at the moment and I am not sure what the outcome will be, but I knew something was coming as the 1’s and the 1,2’s began to make an appearance again.  Even when things seem bad, things do appear to turn out for the best, or at least in most cases any way.

There are many more stories I can share with you and I will do at a later point however now I would like to share with you what some other people interpret as the meaning of the 11:11 phenomena.



Some people think its messages from angels, some believe it is to do with the mayan calendar, others think it is purely coincidence.  Some people also think it is a sign for twin flames (like soul mates, but from the description seems to be on a deeper level) Read about them here:

Have you been experiencing 11:11 (or a variation of?) Do you believe it is a sign of spiritual awakening or something else? or just a coincidence? I’d love to hear from you!

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