Feed, water & nurture….keeping love alive


Pretty sure this goes for men as well ūüėČ

No one ever said relationships were easy but I’ll give you a word of advice, if you love them and could nt imagine life without them do not leave it too late.

Quick tips to keep a relationship alive:

  • Respect your partner. ¬†They are the most important thing in your life or should be. ¬†Treat them how you wish to be treated.
  • Communicate. ¬†As with everything communication is key. ¬†Ensure you are patient and discuss things in a calm manner.
  • Make time for each other. ¬†Try and have a date night once a week. ¬†Even a couple of hours to spend quality time together, discuss you week, your joint plans for the future or just to have a good laugh. ¬†This will ensure you remain connected to each other.
  • Show appreciation for things the do for you. ¬†Treats and jobs around the house no matter how big or small they are you should always be grateful.
  • Expect changes in your relationship. ¬†As with everything, nothing stands still over time. ¬†You have to expect changes to your relationship as it progresses.
  • Believe in your relationship. ¬†Have faith that your relationship will work. Surround your relationship with positive thoughts.

In my opinion relationships are a lot like growing and nurturing plants.  You have to ensure your feed them, water them, shower them with attention and give them the correct conditions to allow them to grow.  If you put them in a shadowed area to grow they may still do so, but it will be weak, grows at a slower speed and wont reach its potential and will eventually die.  Just like if you surround your relationship with drama or do not give it the time and attention it deserves it will die.