Happy First Day of Spring!




As it is now the first day of Spring it is time for me to put my ‘clean up and clear out’ plan into place.  The first thing on my list is to touch up the paint on the doors and in the hallway.  To make sure I stick to my Spring Clean up and Clear Out here is the list of my things to do:

  1. Paint the doors and walls in the hallway
  2. Sort out any clothes no longer required i.e. no longer worn and subject to requirements.  Sell on Ebay and take to charity shop.  TK Maxx also requesting clothes at local store for charity.
  3. Sort out paper work and dispose/recycle of anything no longer required/relevant.
  4. Sort out children’s toys.  Far too many they are struggling to see what they have! Recycle, sell, give to charity…
  5. Hang up any pictures/posters (these have been on my list of things to do for some time….I am adamant it will be done by mid April!)
  6. Sort out the belongings in the loft.  Some of these are keepsakes but the rest dispose of.  They are not required, serve no purpose and could be useful to someone else.
  7. Paint kitchen/living room.
  8. Add shelves/hooks to hallway
  9. Add shelves to living room for books.
  10. Recover large storage footstool for bedroom.
  11. Finally…..clean carpets.

Are any of you planning on a great spring clean and clear out?  Let me know what’s on your list 🙂

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Monsters making Monsters (High)

With such horrible weather to contend with it is sometimes difficult to know what to do to keep my rugrats busy.  That is until I remembered all the presents they had been given at Christmas.  So we had a look through and found this.  I can honestly say it has kept us all busy, pretty much all morning.  I now understand why the recommended age is 8+ years.  I am 33 and I struggled! But once we worked out all the diagram instructions we were off.  The instructions resembled those a lot like Ikea.  Not much writing, just lots of diagrams and the key is making sure you have the right bits with the right dots in the right places (the Ikea version holes representing the screw or nail holes, you get the picture)


I have to say though my 7 year old thoroughly enjoyed this activity.  It did took us just over one hour and there were nt any tears so that in itself was a bonus!

Any here are our finished key rings.  My 7 year olds is Draculaura on the right, and mine is Frankie Stein on the left.  They look quite impressive, but I do not think they will last long as the stickers keep falling off!!! That is probably where the tears will come in, when my 7 year old attaches the keyring to her school bag and upon returning home Draculaura has lost her face!  ***Sounds like life*** 🙂 As for my 5 year old she totally struggled but it was a great opportunity for team work