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It’s taken two years for me to reach a point where I am happy with myself.  I found it difficult after my divorce and consoled myself with nights out drinking a ship load of alcohol and having sex with whoever I wanted.  I found it was a way for me to control a part of my life and it made me feel wanted and desired, something my husband had never been able to do.  Well for a time this worked.  Every Sunday morning I’d have calls from my girlfriends wanting to know the details from the night before.  Most of them now settled with young families, openly telling me their lives were boring and it was the only excitement they got.  For a time I basked in the attention until one day I realised I was not getting the satisfaction I once was and I had become tired of being the weekly entertainment.

And so, I began to piece my life back together in a more stable way.  As I see myself over the worst and definitely towards the end of the recovery process concentrate on myself preparing for the day that I will meet the one guy that turns my head and takes me off the market.  Follow my stories of the hurdles I’ve jumped and the issues I am forced to deal with.  I invite you to laugh and cry along with me (depending on my mood and yours) as we ride the divorcee rollercoaster!

A bit about me……Down to Earth Northerner, 33 years young, divorced for 2 years, separated for 3 and still dealing with a difficult ex. LOVES: My children, our  two cats Lily & Tallulah, family & friends, dancing, socialising, randomness and adventure, story telling, Psychology. DISLIKES: Rude people, pretentious behaviour, freedom stealers, my ex, pessimists, bad food

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