Benefits Street…..Tricked Street?

Finally, a refection of the documentary which makes some sense, see link (above) to the Independent’s response to the TV series ‘Benefits Street’ which was on Channel 4 at 9pm on the 7th January 2014.  The country we live in sometimes makes me feel so sad.  We are consumed with negativity and covered by a big black cloud that is the media feeding us with mostly absolute drivel.


Channel 4 should be ashamed of themselves.  The people who were featured in this documentary are real people trying to live real lives.  Yes the majority of them are on benefits, for what reasons it is unknown, and for this reason alone who are we to judge?  How about the government stop reducing the benefit payments, put a hold of the rise of the cost of living and see what happens then.  Maybe you might just see a reduction in crime? One thing is for sure, continue to make the cuts and this situation will only worsen.  To target a street which is predominantly made up of single parents, unemployed and people with addictions is a cheap shot.  The fact the documentary stated there were around 15 different nationalities on the street says a lot.  Lets not forget it was the government who let all these nationalities in. These are now on benefits in our country with no jobs.  Funnily enough the documentary did nt feature the other nationalities!  I believe these people have been tricked into taking part, with one resident saying “They said they wanted to film for a TV show about how great community spirit is in the street and how we all help each other out on a daily basis,” said Ms Roberts, 32. (4 News)

This type of documentary is not cutting edge.  It is no wonder people are growing up and becoming bullies, because they are surrounded by  it every not just from people on the street but by the media.  Channel 4 have picked on the poor and defenseless, adding fuel to the fire of the picture the government are trying to paint of people on benefits so that they can justify even more cuts.   The truth is these people are not a representation of the mass.

On a lighter note, it has been reported that the ’50p man’ selling items, not only trying to make a wage for himself, but help out his neighbours has been offered a job-on the back of the documentary. I sincerely hope this is true as this will install a little faith in humanity.


Documentaries like this is are so damaging.  This is not the first, there have been many  documentaries like this such as Skint (Channel 5), People Like Us (BBC3). This is the reason why everyone who receives help from the government are seen as the dregs of society.  However, being a single working mum of three children and also studying for a degree in Psychology I can assure you I do not receive anywhere near as much money as what people believe I do.  I can barely afford to pay my bills every month thanks to the increasingly expensive rising cost of living and the reduction in help from the government.  The government are here for one thing… govern….to control and I know that until I can get myself in a position where I do not need government help I will always be trapped.  The harsh reality is we are often imprisoned in our own lives and left with real little choice of how to live our lives, as we are financially controlled by our own country and forced to live a life which is seen as socially acceptable.  It is time to start thinking outside of the box.  We all need to wake up and take a stand.  Stop believing everything you see, read and hear and question what is actually going on and what is important in life.  It is difficult at first, but once you start you will wonder how you have managed to just coast along in ‘zombie nation’ for so long.


Feed, water & nurture….keeping love alive


Pretty sure this goes for men as well 😉

No one ever said relationships were easy but I’ll give you a word of advice, if you love them and could nt imagine life without them do not leave it too late.

Quick tips to keep a relationship alive:

  • Respect your partner.  They are the most important thing in your life or should be.  Treat them how you wish to be treated.
  • Communicate.  As with everything communication is key.  Ensure you are patient and discuss things in a calm manner.
  • Make time for each other.  Try and have a date night once a week.  Even a couple of hours to spend quality time together, discuss you week, your joint plans for the future or just to have a good laugh.  This will ensure you remain connected to each other.
  • Show appreciation for things the do for you.  Treats and jobs around the house no matter how big or small they are you should always be grateful.
  • Expect changes in your relationship.  As with everything, nothing stands still over time.  You have to expect changes to your relationship as it progresses.
  • Believe in your relationship.  Have faith that your relationship will work. Surround your relationship with positive thoughts.

In my opinion relationships are a lot like growing and nurturing plants.  You have to ensure your feed them, water them, shower them with attention and give them the correct conditions to allow them to grow.  If you put them in a shadowed area to grow they may still do so, but it will be weak, grows at a slower speed and wont reach its potential and will eventually die.  Just like if you surround your relationship with drama or do not give it the time and attention it deserves it will die.