Gipsy Dharma: Sexy Boots for Fairies and Pixies all over the world

These boots are handmade from leather, they come in a wide range of colours.  I am confident you could find a pair you would love.  They are perfect for the up and coming festival season and I will hopefully have a pair by then, as I hear the weather this Summer is going to be hot, hot, hot….!!!!!


Finding the Gipsy in you….


The thing I like the most about the products from is that they are all hand made made from leather.  The range includes boots – from ankle to over the knee thigh boots and short leather skirts.  Everything about this range reminds me of nature and earth, they are so natural and there is nothing fake about these products at all.  So what is the cost?  You would expect it to be expensive right?  Bearing in mind they are made from the finest soft leather, and all hand made.  Well you may be surprised to note that the costs start at just £80.00 for a pair of flip flops which have recently been added to the site, with the most expensive product, a pair of over the knee thigh boots (very sexy indeed!) currently costing around £260.00.  Not bad if you ask me!!! So if you are lucky enough to have the pennies already saved treat yourself.  Or, if you are like me, get saving…..I am wishing for a pair of these just in time for the festival season:

brown gipsy dharma

Gipsy Dharma also run weekly competitions to win a pair of their fabulous boots!/GiPsy.Dharma.Unique.Clothing?fref=ts

You can view their full catalog here:





Bracelet Boho Chic


I absolutely love these bracelets, and what is even so fabulous about them is the Christmas sale they currently have on, with a selection of bracelets available for just £21, a great saving from the original price of around £120!!! Beautiful handmade leather bracelets with stones and gems.  Perfect with any outfit and cant wait to wear mine in the festival season!!!




Finding the ‘Gipsy’ in me

I very recently came across a page on a social networking site, and I instantly fell in love with these very boots.  So much so, I am storing away my pennies in the hope that one day I can afford a pair!!

brown gipsy dharma


They are so much my style, casual dress buy with a sexy edge and I know I could totally rock these boots.  Until I can afford a pair of these, I am also entering their giveaways in the hope that the universe will sort me out a pair 😉

The thing I love most about their clothing and boots is that fact that everything is natural and hand made-not to mention unique.  Because of this, I really think that the price is extremely reasonable.  You will struggle to find boots like this anywhere else! This photograph below fills me with excitement as it reminds me of a festival and I could just see myself dressed in these at my festivals next year!!!


If you love these as much as I do then take a look at their website, there really are some beautiful items.  (not to mention the fab sound track!)

If, like me, you are struggling to be able to fork out for these just right this minute, you can always enter their free giveaways held on facebook. These draws happen regularly and if you really love them then you have nothing to lose!

As soon as I get my hands on a pair, I will be back with a full review! I am a great believer in spreading the word of quality items.  Our lives should be filled with beautiful things that we love!!!