Daily Prompt: Why leaving a mouse is never easy


The last thing I left was the dead mouse on my door step. It was a present for my master but she was not very happy! I could not understand why she was angry at me as this gift was all I had. Everything to my name, all that I ever have I leave for her. I felt so sad I just stared at her and sauntered off. Next time I will find a bigger and better mouse, and try to keep its head on.

Until next time…..Meow

Love Lily Twinkle (Cat)

Homely Harvey Nics

As you know I cannot help but write about some of the things I love.  Harvey Nichols is not a place that I shop at often.  Mainly because most things are out of my price range at the moment.  However, I was browsing some of their kitchen ware the other day and came across some fabulous place mats.  I am one of those people where whenever I decide to buy something for my home, I really like to find something a little different.  I do not like to live a carbon copy life or live in one either. Individuality really inspires me.  These place mats may not be totally individual as there are obviously mass produced to some extent, however none of my family or friends have them.  So that is good enough for me!

Check them out!


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