11:11/111/1111 What does this mean?

I have just reached my 111st  post, which just reminded about something I have been wanted to write about, but not quite got around to it.  So here it is: The 111/1111 phenomenon.

For about the past six years I have been noticing 11:11, or 1’s in repetition. In addition to 12:12, 11:22, 22:11, 21:21 etc etc you get the picture right…..

I saw them everywhere.  Clocks mainly, but also on receipts, numbers on lamp posts, in phone numbers on word vans etc, practically anywhere.  I have also began to start seeing 444’s.  I am yet to look in to this properly.

Back to the 1’s.  There are many different theories to this.  However, I do not think it is a coincidence that in my early 20’s something in me sparked a great interest in angels. Over the next couple of years I found out everything I could about them.  I joined online tutorials with an angel communicator in England and found out as much as I could about an author called Doreen Virtue who communicates with angels.  She also has her own range of angel cards, amongst other things.  It was these angel cards however that drew me to her, and indeed angels actually.  My grandmother had died approximately 4 months previously, her name was Doreen and I saw the cards in a cabinet in a waiting room whilst I was going in to see a clairvoyant. Another coincidence?  There I purchased my first set of angel cards, not really knowing what to do with them.  Over the course of the next couple of years I purchased another couple of desks and used them regularly for readings.  They did offer me guidance and always seemed to be very accurate.

As lifes struggles and strains began to increase, i.e. my impending divorce, I did not have as much time to research and read about angels and I almost ‘forgot’ about them.  Not actually forgot, but I just did not have the head space.  It was around this time that I began to see the 11:11 or 1’s.  It was as if it was a message from the angels gently reminding me that they were still there.  I began to use the cards again for readings.  They were a great help in my hour of need.

Since my discovery of angel cards and the sight of the 1’s my life took a whole new turn, and at times I had began to wonder what I had done so wrong to deserve some of the things which were going on.  Even after 4 years of struggle I am still not quite where I want to be.  However, it is almost as if my life has had one bit clear out.  Many of my friends often say they wonder how I am still sane with everything which has gone on.  Amazingly most of the time I feel calm.  I occasionally have moments of a temporary melt down, generally only lasting seconds as something usually happens to remind me things will be ok.  Do not ask me how I know things will be ok, no one is necessarily telling me this, I just feel it.  Take for example the other day.  I was particularly feeling low in mood.  Some things had to come to light which meant I was having to make a difficult decision.  I felt extremely fed up and did not even want to go to work that day, despite me really enjoying my job.  I was emotional and began to cry, rather uncontrollably.  Until that was, as I was driving a big white feather just floated down from the sky.  Immediately I stopped and smiled. I knew it was a sign that I was doing the right thing and everything was ok.  I am on another journey at the moment and I am not sure what the outcome will be, but I knew something was coming as the 1’s and the 1,2’s began to make an appearance again.  Even when things seem bad, things do appear to turn out for the best, or at least in most cases any way.

There are many more stories I can share with you and I will do at a later point however now I would like to share with you what some other people interpret as the meaning of the 11:11 phenomena.



Some people think its messages from angels, some believe it is to do with the mayan calendar, others think it is purely coincidence.  Some people also think it is a sign for twin flames (like soul mates, but from the description seems to be on a deeper level) Read about them here: http://loveandlivedivine.wordpress.com/twin-souls-reclaiming-the-self/recognizing-the-twin-soul/

Have you been experiencing 11:11 (or a variation of?) Do you believe it is a sign of spiritual awakening or something else? or just a coincidence? I’d love to hear from you!

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