Tu me manques….you are missing from me


The French never really say ‘I miss you’. They say “Tu me manques” which means ‘you are missing from me’. I love that. This is exactly how I feel about my partner.

I am getting on with my life, doing things I want to do whilst he is away for this long period of time. But I constantly feel like something is missing. I don’t have my best friend to talk to, I miss the nightly cuddles and that feeling of security and protection that he offers me. Every night before I sleep I still say in my head goodnight to him, and when I wake I say ‘I love you’ just as we would have done when he was here.

The hardest thing is not having any contact. There’s not much by way of communication out in a small village in deep rural India! However, I am so proud of him and what he is doing, and he also makes me want to be better for myself. Whilst he has been away it has given me to time reflect and consider what I really want. It has also given me the time to worked out what is priority.

Time is a wonderful thing to have, no matter how difficult. It will surely make is grow as individuals. I believe it will also help our relationship grow. 6 weeks until his return, almost half way through. I may be counting down the days until he returns but I also using the time for my own development.

Tu me manques

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