Blogizing: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day in the UK this year is 30th March 2014, “oh no…..” I hear you say, “I forgot!”

Do not despair, we have searched the net for a couple of ideas to make life easier for you 😉


No excuse.  You can make something.  How about some nice biscuits or a cake?  Cut some flowers and tie them with a nice ribbon.  Find a large stone and decorate it in coloured paint and write on a personal message.  It may seem rather juvenile but as a mother I know that it comes down to the thought, not the cost of the present.  Mother’s day is all about making your mum feel special and letting her know how much you love and appreciate her for everything she does for you.


Make yourself a paper flower from an unwanted/unused/your mums favourite book (not her book, i repeat do not use her copy….she may be very upset, get your own copy)


Make a little matchbox present, put miniature things that your mum loves.  you can design and print off your own label. Here’s something to inspire you….look how cute! And at £4.99 you cannot complain….even if you decide to buy.  It is available from Not on the High Street (.com) as is all the gifts which follow (just because we love this store!)




What about one of these personalised wooden spoons for just £5.50 it’s not going to break the bank….. or you can opt for a whole family of spoons 😉


How about one of these classic looking book covers for an ipad, for just under £35 we think it is a great present and something most mums are sure to love…..if they have an ipad that is!


Another cute little box of fun we found on Not on the High Street:


The little charms all have a meaning.  Such as ‘I may not always be good but you ll always be my fan…” 🙂  At under £13 this is a little keepsake which is at a price acheiveable for most.

For those who have a little bit more money to spend and what something personal and unique how about one of these locket necklaces.  We think these are just adoreable… £64


 Good luck on your search of the perfect gift for your mother.  Do not forget if all else fails, a lovely bottle of champagne and flowers from your local florist will always go down well 🙂

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