11:11 It’s appearing again….. Phenomenon or coincidence?

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Number Magic

Recently 11:11 has been very prominent again in my life.

So what does it mean when 11:11 turns up constantly, or when you see 1’s everywhere.  I normally see it on the clock, either my phone, my alarm or my laptop.  But they also turn up elsewhere, on receipts, the number of the petrol pump, in vehicle registration plates, the numbers on lamposts, in telephone numbers….everywhere!

I find it quite strange also as my life path number is 11.  I am going through a difficult time at the moment with one thing and another, and although I am doing all I can to get along, some times it is difficult.  It is at these times that I seem to see the number 11.  I am wondering therefore if it is a sign from the universe to stay strong as it is the Universe’s way of telling me it is all…

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