Do You Hit It and Quit It? Why Casual Sex Might Be Bad For You.

Casual Sex….Is it bad for you?

Suzie the Dating Diva

“Hitting it and Quitting it” seems to be the “in” thing lately. It’s like people celebrate the fact that they have “no consequence” sex. It seems that if you do that then you’re given a pat on the back by your friends, especially if you’re a man. But, casual sex DOES have consequences, sometimes these are physical (like Sexually Transmitted Infections/Disease or Pregnancy) and most times emotional and mental.  This led me to wonder, can casual sex be bad for you?

According to a recent study  “it’s not so much whether you have casual sex that impacts your mental health, it’s why you do it.” When I read that it made me think.  How harmful IS casual sex for your mental health? I know I have written a lot about how some people who are less emotional can handle casual sex, while others, who can’t separate emotion from sex, have a harder…

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