You forgot to say your new job was ‘Back Stabber’

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought someone was a true friend, and would always be in your life, to then find that all along they have been stabbing you in the back?

“There was once a lady called Sarah,

who unfortunately now I can’t bear her,

she pretended to be my friend

but she has done something she cannot mend,

and now I no longer see her” Anon.

This particular person was a friend of mine.  She began to have marital problems.  Throughout all of the problems I stood by her side.  I helped her out when she had no money, I took her out to cheer her up.  I even treated her to a new dress when she had lost loads of weight and nothing fitted her.  It turns out in return all she could manage was to stab me in the back.  To bitch about me to another friend because I went out for a few drinks whilst my children went to visit their dad.  This is truly a crime, clearly.  I mean how unreasonable it is for me to go out for a bit of social time with friends when my children are not even around.  So hand cuff me now, for I have clearly committed the evilest of crimes.

Whilst initially I was upset, I have forgiven her.  I do not like to carry resentment as I believe it is a waste of my resources.  And, so is being friends with someone who is unable to be a friend back.  I never expected anything from you, I did not want you to buy my clothes, or repay me the money I have spent in taking you out.  But a thank you would have been nice, along with your loyalty.

Good luck friend, I believe, if this is the way you treat all your ‘friends’, you may very well need it.

This particular incident happened at Christmas and until now I have held my silence.  I do not want to argue with her, it serves no purpose, but I think by now she will surely notice my lack of presence.

B signoff

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