3 Components of Rape Culture and What You Can Do to Fight Back

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Fingers pointing at young woman

By Christin P. Bowman, MS, MA (Doctoral student in Critical Social-Personality Psychology at The Graduate Center, City University of New York)

**Trigger warning. This blog is about sexual violence.**

Let’s make something clear right from the start: Rape is caused by rape culture.

Rape culture has many ingredients, and like any successful recipe, once you blend them together, it’s harder to taste the individual flavors. Rape culture is so entrenched in our society, and its components so ubiquitous, we may sense that something doesn’t taste right, but be at a loss to pinpoint the problem.

This blog will break down the main components of rape culture and then give you concrete ways to combat it.

#1: Power, Anger, & Hyper-masculinity

While it may be true that men do the vast majority of the raping, men who rape did not become rapists in a vacuum.

Our society values men…

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6 thoughts on “3 Components of Rape Culture and What You Can Do to Fight Back

      • Exactly, I was brought up being educated that if in that kind of trouble in a public place women should shout (if able to shout) Fire instead of Rape and not use a rape alarm. What does that say about people, bloody awful.


      • It does not bear thinking about. I work in a children’s charity project with children and young people affected by sexual exploitation and grooming. you would not believe some of the things which go on within society and the amount of cover ups to….not that we have any proof of course! 😦 Sometimes it really makes you feel like ‘what is the point’ but you have to keep going for the sake of the children, as in many cases they have no one else to turn to who they can trust.


      • Sadly I would believe especially having known a number of people in care/foster/adoption. I’m glad there’s people like you out there actually trying to help. It’s true it seems pointless sometimes but the world hasn’t ended yet! Gotta keep going and trying to make things better.


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