Oh the cheek of it

You may already be aware that I am no stranger to inline dating. Day in, day out, I come across some strange people and profiles. Sometimes I just want to message some of them and point out where they may be going wrong…. Here is a prime example


Now I am no expert but if your intention is ‘actively seeking a relationship’ putting a picture if your bum on there is not likely to attract a relationship. I would nt want to start a relationship with someone who feels its fine to post a picture of his arse and then the next picture is of his child!

The caption with his ‘bum’ picture is

“cheeky bum bum”

which indicates he’s definitely a Jeremy Kyle watcher as this is an advert which always follows….

He undoubtedly loves his child but there is no place on a dating site for pictures of children and it does worry me that dating sites even allow it as they could become targets for groomers and pedophiles. It may sound dramatic but unfortunately this is the world we live in.

I wish this fella all the luck on his search but I would suggest removal of two things….picture of his child and a not so revealing picture of his bottom, no matter how nice it may be.


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