We are not alone

angel wing feather


I was raised as a catholic, whilst I was interested in religion I did not always agree with everything which I was being taught.  Even at a young age I questioned some of the teachings.  One thing I was always drawn to was angels.  My awareness was heightened when I was about 13 years old, I was sat in my History Class and my teacher, a woman in her 40’s showed the class a picture which had been drawn specifically for her of her guardian angel.  She began to explain that she had been told that everyone has at least one guardian angel and if we ever need them, all we have to do is ask.

A few years passed and I began reading books about angels and found bits and pieces of information on the internet.  The funny thing was I never bought any books, they were always lent to me by friends-whom at this point did not even know of my interest.  Whilst I was surfing the internet it was as if the information was put in front of my through a related article or link.  I found it all very interesting and I particularly enjoyed the stories of how people had been saved or helped by angels in their time of need.

An important point in my life was the passing of my grandma.  My grandma was a truly inspiration woman and I had so much respect for her.  She raised a family of 7 children whilst working, maintaining a home.  Most of her life was plagued with illness but she did her best to carry on regardless.  She was a loving and fabulous grandmother and great-grandmother.  Shortly after her passing I went to see a medium to see if I would get a message for her.  Whilst I was in the waiting room I was looking at the crystals and things on display.  Immediately I was drawn to some angel cards. I had never seen them before and the it felt like a sign for me to get some as the name on the cards was ‘Doreen Virtue’.  At this time I was not aware of who she was but my grandma’s name was Doreen so whether you agree or not for me it was a strong link as there were no other type of cards there and since doing a bit of research there are loads more on the market by other people.

I bought some daily guidance cards and began using them on a regular basis, especially when I feel at a cross roads.  I regularly see a single pure white feather floating past my window, usually when I am thinking about my grandma or if I am having a difficult time.  It immediately cheers me up as I believe it is a sign not to worry as everything will be ok.  Sometimes when I am in a rush I ask the angels for help in finding something or even for a parking space, and just like a miracle the things immediately turn up or there is a space right where I imagined it!

Recently one of my children was involved in a serious road traffic accident.  As soon as I received the call and I was running down to the accident scene in my head I asked the angels to let him be ok and to be awake when I go there.  He was lucky to escape with the injuries he did, but he still suffered from two broken femurs.  However this was better than what was first expected-internal injuries, broken pelvis and head injuries. The time we spent in the trauma unit whilst he was stabilised was sickening but the whole time I knew he would be ok.  All the medical staff commented how lucky he was to still be with us and to have ‘got away’ with these injuries.

Thank you to my angels, I know you are there and for that reason I know I am never alone.  Support does nt need to be physical, you just need to believe.


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