Sell me your knickers! The Strangest Online Dating Request

A little while ago I received a proposition from a man on an internet dating site.  This is not the only proposition I have had on there, and I must say the site generally seems to attract some very strange characters.  However, maybe it is me which is naive, but I could not believe my eyes when the message read:

“Would you consider selling me your used underwear? I will pay up to £200 for three pairs all I ask is that I choose the type of underwear”


WHAT??? At first I really thought he was joking!

I never knew things like this existed, until I began a little research on the internet and could not believe it.  I came across this site

The worrying thing is it gives you the option to sell your knickers, mentioning large amounts of money, but if you go further down the page it then begins to mention webcams etc.  I can only assume that this is how some people can get lured into working within the porn industry.  With so many people struggling financially and with people seeking fame more than ever I can see some girls will get pulled in.  What is more concerning is, are people going on to dating sites to try and find vulnerable people?  Luckily it is not something I would even consider, but I can imagine if you are strapped for cash and someone offers a large sum of money you may sell your soul and could end up regretting it later.

May I just clarify at this point that I am no prude and I know fetish and fantasies exist and mostly there is no problem with these.  My point here is are people prying on the vulnerable to get them into an industry which they would not normally consider?


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