Domestic violence by a female is still domestic violence!

Yesterday I read an article about former lingerie model Melanie Sykes, 42, being arrested for assaulting her 27 year old husband. It was reported that her husband called the police after an argument escalated and she was taken to the cells for an overnight stay.  Any form of domestic violence is unacceptable.  I find it astounding that some people think when a female attacks a male that in some way it is humorous.   Some comments I have read are even from men stating “She can assault me any day!”  It is perhaps this attitude that in someway it is a joke in which domestic violence  is desensitized.

The harsh reality of domestic violence is that in some cases it is so severe that people can die.   *Approximately 1.2 million females and 800,000 men reported domestic violence in England and Wales in 2010/2011. 100,000 individuals are currently at risk of serious harm or murder.   Alarmingly, in the same period an average of two women a week were killed by a male and/or former partner.  The average length of an abusive relationship is 5 years and there are 130,000 children who live in an abusive household.  What is also interesting to note is that since the age of 16 years almost 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will have experienced some form of domestic abuse.


Domestic abuse takes many forms whether it is physical, emotional or sexual.  Many people do not realise they are in an abusive relationship as the abuser can be very clever and bide their time, wearing down the victim until they have such little self esteem that they really do believe they are receiving the abuse because they have cause it or it is their own fault.

There are many reasons for people to direct abuse at others.  They themselves are generally very low in self esteem, may have suffered at the hands of another abuser or are very angry and frustrated at other aspects in their life and are directing it in the wrong ways.

So what can be done if you are suffering from domestic abuse, you suspect someone you know is or you are the abuser? You need to speak up!

Please always ensure you do not put yourself at risk.  There are many organisations you can contact for help and advice.  Take the first step and you could change your/their life for the better.

There are many other sites available and there may be an organisation local to you. You can also speak with your GP or any health service as well as the police if you are in immediately need of help.


*figures taken from

3 thoughts on “Domestic violence by a female is still domestic violence!

    • Great article. Domestic violence as a whole is still something which seems to be swept under the carpet one way or another. Talking about it and raising awareness is key in changing peoples attitudes. Thank you


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